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All of our transgender clients are seen by Sally, our Nursing Director for all aspects of hair removal, from initial consultations and patch tests, to treatments, reviews and top ups. She treats all clients with the utmost respect, discretion and understanding, and has a lot of experience to draw on to ensure the best results. For the majority of treatments, she will use the Soprano Ice laser, however there is also the option to use the Lumenis M22 IPL system in some cases as required (this tends to be used for redder and finer hair). Each client will be fully assessed at each treatment to ensure the best results are obtained for each client.

Transgender hair removal options

For many transgender women, one of the biggest parts of transitioning is the struggle with facial hair. It is often well established, and due to the influence of testosterone, very difficult to get rid of. Given that shaving alone often leaves a shadow from part way through the day, a different solution needs to be found. So what are the options?


Pros: quick, simple, reasonably cheap. Cons: no break from it, shadow may become apparent early in the day and may need repeating, which can lead to sore, irritated skin. May cause stress due to it feeling a more ‘masculine’ thing to have to do.


Pros: Gives several days relief on finer, softer hair. Cons: hair needs to be grown in order to be pulled out. Not really suitable for thicker, coarser facial hair, so is unlikely to be a go-to treatment for transgender hair removal. Often leads to irritation, ingrowing hair etc. Cost can add up due to frequency needed.


This is the traditional method for permanent removal. Hairs  are removed individually using very fine needles to heat hair follicles using an electric current. Pros:  Very few – it is very painstaking, and very dependent on a therapist who is experienced. Hairs are permanently removed. This is still the only method for permanent removal of grey, white, some red or blond hairs. Cons: Many sessions are required to get a good result. Can be very painful and can leave scarring. There are increasingly fewer practitioners available since the introduction of new generations of lasers.

IPL/Laser Hair removal

Light treatments are now the most common and efficient way to remove hair permanently. Some methods/technology are more effective than others, so it is important to check what is used at your clinic. IPL – diffuse white light, a ‘scattergun’ approach, to heat hair follicles. Laser – direct light, most efficient and targeted. Red light is used as it is the right frequency to be absorbed into the pigment in the hair shaft. Pros: reasonably quick, destroys hair follicles with each treatment. Dark hair responds well, Treatments are only required every 4 weeks, and progressively less frequently. Cons: Most laser or IPL treatments are very painful and in some cases can cause burns or scarring. Can be expensive.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair removal

Soprano Ice laser, as used at Xodos, should be pain free (occasionally a short sharp ‘zap’ can be felt, or some heat in the area but generally no pain will be felt). There is little to no risk of burning or adverse side effects with the Soprano Ice, and is actively cooling and soothing due to its cooled tip and patent ‘InMotion’ technique. It is also effective for all skin colours – generally, laser hair removal is not suitable for darker skin tones as the pigment (melanin) in the skin also heats up, however the heat with Soprano Ice is very well controlled so treatment will still be effective, while still being pain free.

Make up and disguising hair growth

One of the other options for concealing, rather than removing hair growth is makeup. It’s certainly well practiced but it’s very time consuming and it’s effectiveness is very much dependant on the speed of hair growth – especially on the face area. It’s also very hard to find somebody (preferably a professional beautician) to approach who is understanding enough to give you advice. Support groups are available where make up skills can be taught, so it’s worth keeping a look out for those.

Costs, payment plans and NHS Funding for transgender laser hair removal

Laser hair removal doesn’t come cheap – however, it is worth its weight in gold. Hair growth can improve with each treatment, and hair can become softer and finer. If a transgender client is in the NHS system, a course of facial hair removal can be approved and funded for approximately 8 treatments. While this is only the starting point for treatment numbers, we do offer 2-4 free top ups for NHS funded transgender clients, and ongoing treatments are offered at reduced price to our standard price lists. We also offer discounts for body hair for our transgender clients, please ask for details. (discounts are usually around 25% reduction, but bespoke pricing may be available.

To help further, any courses over £500 can be paid by a payment plan, please ask for details. All of our consultations are free with no obligation to book, so click here to book your free consultation! Check out our facebook page for more information, and reviews.

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