Update! Matt our manhunt back guy! 2 weeks after treatment

You may remember Matt, our lovely new Daddy (I will try to get a pic of baby next time!) who was chosen as our case study and is having treatment to rid his back of the thick dark hair that has plagued him for years. These pictures were taken just two weeks after having his second treatment with the amazing Soprano Ice laser hair removal platform, and what you can see here, similar to Mario, who is having his chest hair lasered, is that almost all of the hair has fallen out. What Matt will probably find, is if he gently pulled the hairs that are left, they would probably just slide out of the hair follicles with no tugging at all – nothing like an agonising back wax, that is for sure!

He is definitely responding well, and Matt should now be completely free of hair for the next few weeks, and then, once the next hair cycle starts to come through we will bring him back in for another session. We will repeat this as many times as Matt wants, and then any top ups he requires after that. Treatments are usually 6-8 weeks apart, and we always recommend a minimum of 8 for any body area. Some people will still need more after that, but we will assess as we go and we always make sure that everyone gets the right amount for them!

Don’t forget to check out the short video of his (completely pain free!) treatment…

img_5413 img_5414 2016-07-08-12-02-02