We’re going on a Manhunt!

Men wanted! Apply quickly!
We are going on a Manhunt! Yes, that’s right, here at Xodos, we are looking for MEN! And not just any old men…

Manup! We want men with hairy chests or hairy backs!

And the best bit is ALL of you will get at least one free treatment!

Over the next few weeks, we are hunting for two case studies. We want to prove to anyone who isn’t sure exactly that we can achieve great things with our fabulous pain-free laser hair removal!

Any men who are interested (or partners who want to refer them!) need to let us know as soon as possible, so we can arrange for them to have a full consultation and patch test. At the end of about 8 weeks (date tbc), we will choose 2 men, one for their chest, the other for their back, and they will receive a full course of treatment, and any additional treatments that we may need to get to the results that they would like.

Whats the catch?
We would ask anyone who applies that they need to be confident enough to be the subject of our case study (faces can be obscured and names changed if necessary although we would prefer to be able to celebrate our successes fully!) and that photographs and on occasion video will be taken from the start. We want to show what we can do, so want to be able to use any pictures we take with your blessing.

Even if you are not chosen, all applicants will have one free treatment on their area of choice as a thank you for coming to see us!

All referrals need to be with us by 6th June please!

The official Xodos manhunt is UNDERWAY! Contact us on 01543415942 or email on clinic@xodosltd.co.uk.Male client back treatment