So, What’s it really like at Xodos?

So, What’s it really like at Xodos?

I thought my blog this week could be from a slightly different perspective as I received a lovely email from one of my clients who perfectly described her experience of an online consultation and what happens when you get in touch with me (and indeed how people find me too).

So sit back, grab a coffee and read up on what it’s like to enter the world of the finest skin clinic in the UK (according to me!), and find out ‘So, what’s it really like at Xodos?’!

”I had seen Sally on Facebook talking about her Alumier products and watched some of her lives, talking about the benefits of these.  I had been in touch through messenger asking questions for a time and kept thinking that I ‘must try this or that’.

So during lockdown I had a Zoom meeting with Sally and I sent her a photo of me with a ‘clean’ face (which was not very flattering)’.

Note from Sally – please don’t ever worry about showing me your skin!  This is my job and it’s perfect when I see you ‘bare faced’ so that I know exactly how you’re feeling and what we need to do about it.  Trust me, as a Navy Nurse I have seen far worse than you can imagine!

Let’s continue…

Sally suggested I start gently with a serum called Ultimate Boost and a day moisturiser which has an SPF of 40 called Sheer Hydration.  These products have ‘active’ ingredients which I understood as I had studied skin at college when my children were small.  The products do make your skin tingle a little until you get used to the product.  I used both of these as instructed and was really happy with them and decided to add the retinol which I had heard so much about and what it can do for the skin.  I know this has to be introduced slowly and Sally talked me through it and I was sent clear instructions with the product which I followed and continued to do so.  I knew this wouldn’t be a magic cream as it takes a few weeks for it to start doing its job but now I am seeing the results and it is amazing!  I will definitely be moving up from the 0.25 to the 0.50 next.

I then decided to invest in a moisturiser that gave a little more cover in a similar way to a foundation.  Sally sent me two samples of different shades of Moisture Matte in Ivory and Sand.  I chose the Sand which was better for my skin tone.  This, too, has an SPF of 40 (and I followed Sally’s motto of never leaving the house without sunscreen!).

I then knew I had to have what I call a ‘night cream’ and for this I bought the Hydradew which does not have a sunscreen and is only for night use.  I love, love, love this!  It feels rich and creamy on my skin and is lovely for the nighttime applied to a freshly cleansed face on top of serum or retinol.

Now I had heard about this Bright and Clear product from Sally’s informative talks and wondered about it as I don’t really do toners as they are a bit rough on my skin, making it feel dry and tight.  But after looking into it I decided to try it.  WOW!  I loved it even more than I loved the night cream and it’s just my favourite thing!   When you think you have cleaned your skin and then you use this, it’s amazing what is normally left behind.  It’s magic.  I use it every day and look forward to bedtime so I can do my ‘night admin’ before I get into bed.

My skin now feels bright and clear and fabulous.  My next thing will be the vitamin C and then when Sally is open again I am going in for a lovely peel and some needling.

Look after your skin – it does a great job for you!”

So what next?

I’m so pleased to have had this review from this lovely lady – and to see results like this in such a short time is fantastic, it’s really what I want to see!

If you are still not sure, why not book an online consultation with me? Click here and go to the ‘Book Now’ tab – this will take you to where you can book your own time with me, we take a £30 deposit, which covers the cost of the appointment, however I am giving you this back as a credit onto your account which you can use against a treatment when we can finally start seeing clients again! (Pssst…. we also have a special offer running throughout June – book a consultation and buy an amazing Essentials kit, and I will send you a half price Bright & Clear from my stock!)

Just shout if you want to know more – but now hopefully you know ‘So, What’s it really like at Xodos?’!

What's it like at Xodos