Why choose laser hair removal?

How effective is pain free laser hair removal?

• People often say to me ‘how many treatments will it take to be hair free’ or ‘will it grow back’.  First of all, everyone is different. Secondly, if anyone tells you that they can stop hair ever growing somewhere, and none will ever grow back, they are lying to you! The body is programmed to grow hair, and it is controlled by hormones – which are a powerful force!
• For successful laser hair removal treatment, you should be prepared for at least 8 laser hair removal sessions, and to make sure you have them at the right intervals (this would usually be every 6-8 weeks for body hair, or 4-6 weeks for facial hair unless your therapist tells you otherwise).

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Make sure you get the truth from your laser hair removal therapist!

• Throughout your treatment, your therapist at Xodos will assess you and advise what should happen next – if it is obvious that more treatments will be needed, you should continue them as advised, or we might tell you that a review is best. This review would normally be at around the 10-12 week point, where hair cycles will start to settle down and you will be able to see whether further treatment with the Soprano Ice is necessary.

Is it permanent?

Yes! Hair follicles are permanently destroyed using our laser!
• We normally say that a course of 8 treatments gives most people a 70-80% permanent result in any area, although some things should be remembered.
• Soprano Ice is definitely the most efficient way to remove hair (a winner in it’s category – it really is a fab laser platform!), but you should remember that most people will need some top ups, and others may need several more until the hair growth settles down. Facial hair can be stubborn – hormones are very powerful, and there are far more hair follicles per square centimetre on the face compared to the body.
• You should take the advice of your therapist, persevere in the early days, and contact the clinic immediately if you see a new growth of hair – hair follicles are only destroyed when they are in growth phase, so catch it early and it could mean just one top up, rather than needing a whole new course.
• If our advice is taken, it is unlikely that hair will go back to their original levels following a course of treatment – hormones can make a difference, but we do get very good results.
• Imagine never needing to worry whether you need to shave your legs before a holiday, or before taking the children to the swimming pool, or before putting the posh dress on for your night out at that great new restaurant!

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Can you trust us to give you the truth about laser hair removal results?

Here at Xodos, we will advise you as honestly as possible before, during and after your course of treatment – we care that you get the best treatment we are able to give, and will never take money from you unless we know we can give you an effective treatment.

We can change your life for the better, making it easier, more convenient, and just easier and nicer all round!

Come to Xodos for your free consultation at our clinic in Aston Wood Golf Club – just a few minutes from the A38, so easily accesible for Lichfield, Burton on Trent, Tamworth, Streetly, Four Oaks and the rest of Kings Bromley– you are not committed to anything unless you are completely happy to proceed, and the staff are happy that you should get an effective result.

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