Xodos Asks!! Our Nursing Director gets to know local business!


With so many great local businesses out there, Sally, the Nursing Director at Xodos wanted to get to know some of them a bit better. The lovely Annie Day has been very vocal about her newly discovered Sexy Legs since she started coming to Xodos and having her pain free laser hair removal – minus all the chunks she used to take out of them when shaving, so Sally thought she would be a great place to start!  What we notice about Annie is her overwhelming positive energy and sense of fun -and this was most definitely reflected in her answers!

So we asked Annie a few questions:

  1. Briefly, what do you do and where are you based?   I’m a Complementary therapist and teacher of complementary therapies , Belly Dance and Spiritual workshops
  1. What is your biggest selling product or service?   My biggest selling service is Kinesiology – literally asking the body what it need to reach optimum health and your full potential ((*))  Our biggest selling product is our Famous Faery doors that create a portal between our human world and the Faery and Elemental kingdoms
  2. Who is your ideal client?  Anyone who needs help with any MBS [Mind, Body, Soul] issues and that sees spending time on their health and well being as a priority and necessity
  3. What’s your idea of fun?   Dancing  – Playing with trees Enjoying time spent in nature with friends and my favourites are Rebounding (on a small trampet ) and blowing bubbles  ((*))
  4. What’s your favourite quote or bit of advice?   That however challenging, heart breaking and difficult your present circumstances that IT IS ALL IN DIVINE & PERFECT ORDER  ((*))

Thanks Annie for your time! So glad you love your sexy legs! And it was pain free!

Have a look to find out a bit more about Annie:


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