Important information enclosed! Xodos premises move and pricing changes!

There are several things in this letter, including our Xodos premises move, and all are important, so make sure you read through!

Clinic Move

Treatment changes


Deposits and cancellation fees

Some of you may have seen my live video on our Facebook Business Page last week about our premises move so may already be aware. However I know that not everyone is on Facebook, and who knows what their algorithms are doing, so it’s possible you won’t have seen it.

Clinic Move

We have some exciting, very big news! As of Tuesday 4thFebruary, we will be operating out of our new clinic! Due to quite a few factors, not least health-related and personal family reasons, we have made the difficult decision to move away from Aston Wood Golf Club. As a temporary measure, we are moving into a clinic room at Sally’s home, in Kings Bromley, just North of Lichfield. (Postcode DE13). For obvious reasons, the full address will not be published but we will make sure all clients attending have the details that they need. 

All appointments will be carried out as booked, and Emma will continue to take the helm with all bookings and enquiries. We understand that some people may have slightly further to travel so if you need to adjust appointment timings, please let us know and we will be as flexible as we possibly can in the interim while things settle down.


For the most part, nothing else will be changing and Sally will be continuing to offer almost all the same treatments, to the same quality, that she has up until now.

There has, however been one significant change, but we think everyone affected has been told. We no longer offer treatments on the Lumenis M22, which include Tattoo removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, and Carbon Laser Facials. If you are affected but were not aware, please get in touch.

Other than that, all our treatments will continue to be offered – here’s an update in case you are not sure what our treatments are!

AlumierMD cosmeceutical Homecare products

AlumierMD facial treatments and chemical peels

SkinPen Microneedling

Geneo+ 4-in-1 super facial, inc. oxygenation, radiofrequency and ultrasound


Soprano Ice Pain Free Laser Hair Removal 


With effect from 1stJan, we have a new pricing structure in place.

Laser Hair removal: We no longer offer blocks/courses of treatment. Instead, we have brought our per-session prices to be more in line with previous block pricing, and further incentives for additional areas.

For example, full leg used to be £225, they are now £199 per session. Hollywood/brazilian bikini was £140, and is now £129 per session, but as a second area if legs are being done, they will be £112 per session. Underarms were £85, but are now £79, however if they are added as a third area, they will be £57.

So, previously on a pay per session basis, full legs, full bikini and underarms would have been £450, but will now be £368. This works out slightly less than our previous block prices too!

So if you previously had pay per session treatment, you will be better off, if you are currently in a course, there is very little change moving forward for you, and if you start treatments now, you will be either a lot or slightly better off depending on what option you would have chosen before!

We will also work out these prices on a monthly standing order to help even further! This is worked out on an average of 8 body and 11 face treatments per year.

I know this sounds slightly confusing, but I promise it works and we will explain further if you need us to!

Skin treatments:

We are also phasing out pre-booked courses of skin treatments, and a monthly standing-order payment system is being introduced. If you currently have a course in place, nothing will change, so please don’t be concerned. From 4thFebruary, we will be offering either per-session treatments (just pay on the day), or alternatively 3,6, 9 or 12 month treatment pathways, which will generally include a combination of treatments, and the cost will be split over the amount of months your treatment plan should take. Appointments should be taken as close to recommended timings as possible (with flexibility for holidays/appointments etc as necessary). Payments made will not be refunded, but the standing order can be stopped at any time. If there are any outstanding monies, treatments up to the value of that amount will be provided, or put towards a higher value treatment.

If payments are made, or existing courses have been paid for, these courses will expire 6 months after the last payment has been made, unless individual exception has been made.

Deposits and booking fees:

Due to an unprecedented amount of short-notice cancellations over the last few weeks we have been forced to reassess our cancellation policy and deposit payments.

1) Consultations. 

With immediate effect, we will be taking a £30 non-refundable deposit for appointments booked for

Laser Hair Removal

Skin Consultation

All ongoing appointments

This will be redeemable against treatment in all cases, but will not be returned if treatment is not booked following a consultation. A consultation takes between 30-60 minutes (sometimes longer), and appointments often book up 3-4 weeks ahead, so the time is very valuable. 

A further booking fee of £30 must be submitted for each future booking, and this will be retained if LESS THAN 72 HOURS is given for cancellations, and less than 24 hours for a reschedule. (this is because we understand that life happens, and sometimes things need to be rearranged). If this appointment is rescheduled more than twice following the original booking, the fee will be retained and a further deposit required before a further booking may be made. If we need to reschedule appointments for any reason, which we sometimes do, we will obviously always give as much notice as possible, and your deposit would not be affected by this.

We understand that there are a lot of changes at the moment – please be patient with us while we get used to them too, and we will be as flexible as possible!  Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

You guys are the reason we are here, and we are hoping that our Xodos premises move and these changes will give you a better experience with us here at Xodos. 

Thank you all for your amazing support, and I look forward to seeing you in the new clinic!

Xodos premises move Lichfield staffordshire