Yay! Soprano Ice wins yet another award!

I was delighted to hear today that the amazing, brilliant SOPRANO™ICE that we use at Xodos Aesthetics, and in other high-level clinics across the world, has won the prize of


at the 2015 Aesthetic Industry Awards!

This means that Soprano™ Ice is now a multi-award winning laser and the most successful laser of all times!

When I started Xodos over 2 years ago, I did it using this technology because I had experienced it myself. I knew it was good, having experienced lesser machines previously. I new it was amazing and the results were second-to-none. Since then they have gone on to win multiple awards, proving over and over again what I realised 5 years ago when I first came across the Soprano.

It just proves that starting this business was so the right thing to do – which I already knew, and hopefully you all do too!

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aesthetic industry award pic